Amazon India beats Flipkart in Gross Sales

Amazon India surpassed Flipkart in gross sales for the year ending March 2018, says a report by investment bank Barclays. Amazon is estimated to have had gross sales of $7.5 billion. compared to Flipkart’s $6.2 billion.

Barclays’ estimates do not include the fashion business Myntra and Jabong, which is part of Flipkart group. The difference might be marginal if we consider the combined sales of Myntra-Jabong and Flipkart.

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Source: Barclays

Amazon is expected to report gross sales of $11 billion as compared to Flipkart at $9 billion (excluding Myntra-Jabong) in the ongoing financial year, according to Bloomberg.

Flipkart is still ahead in terms of revenue but Amazon India is expected to post better numbers on the revenue side as well.

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