Common Questions on Discounts, Coupons and Deals

Q&A on Shopping

Most internet users are not quite familiar with how to take advantage of offers, coupons and deals for their online shopping. Offers are something that generates an interest to buy a product. The common psychology of a shopper is to check a product for its best price. When the shopper identifies an offer, his willingness to take advantage of the discount would have more possibility of buying the product.

An offer with a stipulated end date and that is genuine is bound to attract higher sales. How do the offers, coupons and deals work in general? Let’s check out the frequent questions and answers on this topic.

How can I get a discount on anything

  1. Ask the store manager
    Asking the store manager in charge of available discounts is one good way to start your shopping if you are doing shopping in a retail store
  2. Bargain for the best price
    Never feel shy about bargaining harder you can. Salespeople are used to hard bargains from their customers regularly. The harder you bargain, you can get the maximum discount.
  3. Pay in Cash
    Try to make your purchases in real cash than using credit/debit cards because cards usually will have 1.8-3% transaction charges imposed by the banks on merchants. This will discourage a merchant to really come down on your expectations. Hence, paying in cash would help to get that extra discount you wanted.
  4. Shop Online
    Shopping online actually puts you in driving seat for better discounts.
  5. Search for Coupons and Deals
    While doing shopping online, it is better to check for available coupons and deals from deals website like
  6. Check Comparison sites
    You may do a comparison between store purchases and online shopping to check the better deal.
  7. Shop during less busy hours
    It’s advisable to shop during non-peak hours so that the salesperson can give you enough time and to bargain for a discount.
  8. Shop during festival offers season
    It is good to plan your purchases to align with shopping festivals like Big Billion Days, Black Friday, or festival seasons like Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan offers.
  9. Shop out of season
    It is recommended to buy your favourite product when it is out of season. For example, consider purchasing an Air conditioner during Winter.
  10. Buy in a shop but compare Online
    You can show the online prices to the shop salesperson and make him agree to the online price through bargain if you are really desperate to buy it in store.

How do I get a promotional code for Amazon?

You can check SaversIndia Deal store for Amazon or other coupons site to find promotional offers for Amazon India.

How do you promote an offer?

  1. Give existing customers an exclusive preview
  2. Get your customers to spread the word
  3. Get customers through the door
  4. Make them an offer
  5. Stress the benefits
  6. Get staff to evangelise for you
  7. Mail the news
  8. Affiliate
  9. Say it for nothing
  10. Be an attention seeker
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