Who We Are?

SaversIndia.com is a coupons and Deals website associated with several hundreds of merchants and networks set up with a sole mission of helping shoppers discover the real-time coupon codes, deals and promo codes.

What is a Coupon?

Coupon is a shortcode like HKT200 which is generally claimed during check out in an online store so that the discount or offer given by the merchant will be deducted from the actual price to be paid. For example, If a product is ₹ 500 and coupon code with a discount of 10% OFF is used during purchase, the net price to be paid will be ₹ 450 after deducting ₹ 50 (10% of 500).

What is a Deal?

A deal is also like a coupon which gives a discount to be used at the time of checkout. There is one difference however between a coupon and a deal. Coupon contains a masked shortcode, in general, to be specifically entered for availing the offer whereas Deal doesn’t require a code to claim the discount.

A deal is just an information that the merchant offering it for the selected category shopping gives you the discount automatically without entering any code during checkout.

What is a Promo Code?

Promo code full form is promotion code. Promo code is similar to the Coupon code. It’s just naming difference between the two otherwise promo code or coupon code is one and the same.

What types of Offers available on SaversIndia?

SaversIndia.com gives the shoppers two major types of offers. Deals and Coupons. As mentioned in previous question and answer, Deal is just a promotion offer that doesn’t require a code to enter during payment whereas Coupon will contain a shortcode to use during payment. Both gives discounts.

Is there a limit on number of coupons/deals I can activate in a day?

There are no restrictions on the clicks and activation. You may activate any deal and coupon.

How do SaversIndia earn from its website?

SaversIndia believes in transparency of its operations. As we mentioned previously, We have tied up with multiple affiliate networks and direct networks which provide us with a small amount of commission for every sale that is generated through our website.

When a user comes to SaversIndia website, finds a deal/coupon interesting. He will activate the deal/coupon that takes him directly to the merchant website. On successful conversion, we will be paid nominal commissions once we reach certain thresholds.

This revenue is just a means to keep us going with regular enhancements to the site.

Where does SaversIndia get the coupons and deals from?

SaversIndia has multiple sources for retrieving the latest offers and coupons from. We have associated with multiple dedicated networks which bring the latest deals and coupons and we fetch the information from their offers feeds regularly using REST APIs’ and sometimes using Excel uploads. Being the data coming from reliable sources, the data is generally accurate. We have a team which verifies manually the offers for duplication and authenticity.

Do you provide Cashback on your site?

Currently, SaversIndia doesn’t provide any cashback. We’re working currently to bring Cashback functionality in the near future. Please keep checking our press releases page for updated information.

Is SaversIndia free to use?

Absolutely Yes. SaversIndia.com is completely free to use without any restrictions.

Do we require to be registered on the site to use it?

Absolutely No. There is no user registration for access to the contents of the site.

I clicked a deal/coupon and It didn't work?

it can happen unintentionally because we consolidate the coupons/deals from multiple sources that publish the offers.

Sometimes the original source can have broken links so the deal might not activate.

Or another reason could be that the merchant has taken out the offer after its stated expiry date is reached or merchant choosing to delist the offer from their website.

What can I do if a deal/coupon doesn't work?

You can let us know to correct the data by submitting the deal information using submit Deal link available in the footer of the website. We’ll verify manually and remove from the site if found inaccurate.

Why should I need Coupons or Deals in my shopping

There’s no reason but to save more with coupons and offers.

Does SaversIndia provide Indian coupons/deals only?

Yes, Most content for coupons and deals is for India. Few categories like Software, Domains and Hosting might contain external sources other than India too.